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Mystic Rocks Ruby Inferno  "Ruby"
Foaled March 26, 2011
AMHA/AMHR  Beautiful Sorrel Fewspot Filly! This girl is guaranteed to produce color. Her bloodlines are IMPECCABLE, and she is a great granddaughter to Orion Light Van't Huttenest on BOTH sides. Incredible breeding...incredible color, and will do very nice in the show ring and breeding barn!SOLD! Congratulations to Viki of TC Mini Family Farm
Mystic Rocks Atomic Picasso
Foaled March 31, 2011
Gorgeous light chestnut leopard colt. By far my favorite colt ever born here. He is gorgeous and leggy, and very squarely built. His laid back personality and loving nature make him my favorite of 2011 so far. SOLD!!
Mystic Rocks Flash of Deja Vu
"Deja Vu"
Foaled May 5, 2011
This beautiful and tiny fewspot colt with one white sock (don't know where that came from!) comes from 2 fewspot parents. He will be a color producer! Born at 17.5 inches tall. Sweet little guy! Great for introducing color and downsizing your herd.SOLD!!
Mystic Rocks Sizzlin Short Fuse
Foaled May 9, 2011 (on my birthday! )
This little filly is a duplicate of what this combo threw last year. A beautiful and extremely TINY buckskin filly with blue eyes. This one is a bit leggier , but still only 15.75 inches and 9 lbs at birth. This filly has already been SOLD!
Mystic Rocks Dynamite Rocket Fuel
Foaled June 3, 2011
All I can say is WOW!! From the stripes on his legs to his bright blue eyes, I am in LOVE. Pictures just can't do this guy justice....he's leggy, necky, colorful, and sweet. Just couldn't have been a better last foal of the season....he is our "Grand Finale"Wahoo!!!!!SOLD!!