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Mystic Rocks Enter Sandman
Born March 4, 2012
This guy has bright blue eyes and the sweetest personality ever. He is leggy with great movement, has a nice neck and topline, and that nice little dishy head. His mother is JBR Princess Freckles on my mares page, and his dad is T Bar T Firecrackers Dynamite, a 27" fewspot.
Mystic Rocks Moves Like Jagger
Born April 12, 2012
Ah, CUTE!!! He's incredibly cute, but a bit shy...he will get over that soon enough and come to you completely spoiled! Tiny cannon bones, tail is ALWAYS in the air. He's a bit of a show off in the pasture, but that's what I love about him. He's out of my black fewspot mare and a 27 inch fewspot stallion. LP/LP all the way ! Expected to mature around 31-32 inches.
Mystic Rocks Little Red Corvette
Born June 11, 2012
This little guy is super cute!! He's tiny and correct in every way. He has a little dishy head, nice neck, and is LP/lp. He should color out over time.