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Mystic Rocks Zoom Zoom ~"Zoom"AMHA/AMHR Foaled 4/8/13
Dam: A Model Hairicane Sacajawea
Sire: 4Z's Midnite's Galaxy
This very unusually marked colt has his blanket in the middle of his back, not on his rump! It goes from withers to hipbones, with only one quarter sized spot near his tail head. I love this guy, he's so friendly, and comes right up for everyone to pet him.

Mystic Rocks Mayhem Like Me ~"Mayhem"AMHA/AMHR Foaled 4/10/13
Sire: Peaceful Ridge Trinidad's Calypso
Dam: JBR Princess Freckles
This is a very petite beautiful little blanketed silver bay filly. She is exquisite and she knows it! Her color is unique, and I just love her attitude. She's a little more laid back than ZoomZoom, but still alot of fun to have around!