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Mystic Rocks Have a Little Faith  "Faith"
Sire: Peaceful Ridge Trinidad's Calypso
Dam: GMR Boogies PowderPuff
This beautiful buckskin filly was born at just 16 inches tall.
Grown, she is 27". She's gone to live with Hope at Mini Hooves of Love in Texas to become a therapy horse :)
She is very good at her job of making people smile

Mystic Rocks Chicks Dig Me
Sire: Peaceful Ridge Trinidads Calypso
Dam:  Maddie
This GORGEOUS colt was sold to Canada where he was shown briefly, yet successfully!

Mystic Rocks Made Ya Look!
Sire: Peaceful Ridge Trinidads Calypso
Dam: PALS Smokin Hot Pia

This amazing tiny leopard colt was born at 17 inchces tall. He has gone to east Texas to work in the therapy world ...
This is him with his owner. It was love at first sight!

Mystic Rocks Take the Money and Run
Sire: Kakos Designer Spot Me a Star
(currently owned by )
Dam: Impressibles Awesome Shiloh
This gorgeous bay leopard colt was sold to Kansas to be a herd sire! GREAT CHOICE!