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2015 FOALS

Mystic Rocks Bet It All On Black
Foaled June 7, 2015
Filly amha/amhr pending
Will mature around 31-32 inches

Mystic Rocks  I'm So Fancy
Foaled July 19, 2015
Filly amha/amhr pending
Will mature at 30-31"
She is  a pintaloosa with
awesome face markings,
4 white socks and a drop
dead gorgeous appy blanket!
Many things will catch your eye....
some will catch your heart~
Mystic Rocks Chicks Dig Me
Foaled 2/21/17
Set to mature around 32 inches

This colts quality is no accident. He's got some
amazing appaloosas in his pedigree.  He's leggy,
super refined, LP/LP E/e. I could tell the moment he
was born that he was the utmost in quality. I've
been considering keeping him here and showing him. 
I've had a few independant evaluations on him from
professional trainers that are out there in the show
ring. They were unanimous in thinking this colt could
kick ass out there! He will be re evaluated at 6 months old, and if he's still here, he'll be put with a trainer in fall to show in the 2018 season. 

I have him priced at $3000 with preference to a show home. take him out and show him, then use him to put blankets and snowcaps in your pasture! 
His personality is to die for! he's an in your lap pocket pony who doesn't know how to be fearful.  He's already lead trained and would follow you into fire. He's bold, he's athletic, and I'd think would make a great jumper or gorgeous cart horse.  He will be the right size to do it ALL. And his attitude will iimpress you.

Come meet him! I guarantee you'll fall in love!